A fascinating trip over the historic area of Gaia and its Port wine lodges.

Ride alongside the Douro, enjoying the serenity of the river, looking down on the emblematic beauty of the historic area of Porto and the characteristic roofs of the Port wine lodges in Gaia. Take this unique journey and enjoy the view over both banks and the Luís I Bridge.

This exclusive perspective of the Gaia Cable Car makes this journey memorable. Arrive at your destination in the mood to see more and visit the numerous tourist attractions accessible from any of the Gaia Cable Car stations.

Journey time Approximately 5 minutes
Distance 600 meters
Average Speed up to 4 m/s (meters per second)
Average incline 9,1%
Maximum span between towers 396 m
Minimum elevation 4,5 m (Lower Station, In front of  Cais de Gaia Municipal Market)
Maximum elevation 63 m (Upper Station, Next to Jardim do Morro na Av. da República)
Total capacity 850 pph (passengers per hour)
Number of passengers per cabin 8 persons